Welcome to Yanceyville!

Nestled in the central north of the state, in Caswell County, Yanceyville enjoys the convenience of being almost the same distance from the mountains or the beach. We also have an abundance of offerings right at home such as S.R. Farmer and Hyco Lake, the Yanceyville Museum of Art Featuring Maud Gatewood and several local parks and recreational areas as well as a wonderful tribute to our local veterans and fallen first responders.


Yanceyville may be listed as a small town, but there is a wealth of opportunities to grow or start a business, to raise a family or just enjoy the quietness of our rural community.


There is something about a small community that instantly feels like home, no matter where you are from. In Yanceyville this happens quickly as you are welcomed into the community and supported by local government, businesses, and neighbors. Come explore for yourself what life in Yanceyville is like.

Our Heritage. 

In a community that is over 200 years old, there is bound to be a little history. Some of the most popular places to get a glimpse of our rich heritage are listed below.


Arboretum - A natural escape among local plant and animal life. Perfect for a Sunday stroll or picnic lunch. 


Historic Courthouse - Completed in 1861, this courthouse is a treasure in period architecture.


Richmond-Miles History Museum - Explore a collection of fascinating local domestic and agricultural items including historical clocks, military uniforms from citizens and books on the region. 


Maud Gatewood Park  - Named for our most famous citizen, this small park and picnic area offers an escape from the daily grind for a rest or short walk. 


Favorite Area Hot Spots



Museum of Art 


Maud Gatewood


Yanceyville has been home

to several notable artists as

well as inspiration for


Hyco Lake

Packed full of options for the entire family

there are plenty of outdoor activities for all ages

Virginia International Raceway

Yanceyville is just minutes away from this world famous venue. 

Visit picturesque Milton just outside the race park.

Memorial Park

Built from local donations, the Veterans and First Responder Monuments are a must see

Things to know about Yanceyville

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Starting a Business


Opening a business in the Town of Yanceyville, begins here. At present the Town of Yanceyville does not require businesses to acquire a privilege license; however, the Town does require that persons wishing to open or conduct business in Yanceyville fill out a Business Information Form (see below to download). The Town also requires zoning approval of each business before it begins. Zoning approval can only be obtained by contacting the Town Manager. For more details on getting a business started, click here.


Primary Areas of Business in Town


We invite you to join us in supporting economic development of the Town of Yanceyville. Since land is one of our most available resources it allows flexibility in planning the location of any new business. There are multiple opportunities for businesses in Yanceyville including the new CoSquare coworking space. This is managed by Caswell County Economic Development and is home to numerous remote workers that call Yanceyville and Caswell County home, yet work for corporations all over the US.


Yanceyville has three primary areas of business:


  • Downtown (Historic District)
  • Highway 86
  • West Main Street

The Town's Central Business District (CBD) reflects its historical development. The Town's CBD begins at NC 62 and Main Street extending west on Main Street for approximately one mile. The focal point of the CBD is the historic Courthouse Square that contains the restored 1859 Caswell County Courthouse. About half of the CBD lies within the designated Yanceyville Historical District. 


Caswell County and the Caswell County Board of Education own or occupy 19 buildings in close proximity to the Central Business District. Businesses in the CBD consist of banks, lawyer offices, CPA's, bail bondman, financial planner, newspaper, hardware store, take out restaurant, barber shop, salon and the CoSquare shared workspace. The CBD does not contain any regional or national retail businesses or chains.

Highway 86 is the primary location of larger retail and service businesses. It offers excellent highway access and busy sales activity.

West Main Street is the home of several offices and home businesses. This area is located in close proximity to the Historic Downtown and offers several undeveloped or under-utilized properties.


Caswell County Building Inspections Department

The Town of Yanceyville utilizes the Caswell County Building Inspections Department for all of its building permits and inspections. If you need permit or inspection information, please contact them at (336)694-9731.

Helpful Contacts


Yanceyville Municipal Services

Town of Yanceyville 
P O Box 727
158 E. Church Street
Yanceyville, NC 27379
(336) 694-5431
Fax: (336) 694-1499

Monday - Friday




Caswell County Business Services


Caswell County Chamber of Commerce

(336) 694-6106


Caswell County Tourism Development Authority

(336) 514-5285


Caswell County Planning and Inspections
(336) 694-9731 


Caswell County Economic Development
(336) 694-6093


Piedmont Community College Small Business Center
(336) 694-5707


Caswell County Environmental Health
(336) 694-9731


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Utilities and Services
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